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Established in 2007, services of DICHONLINE have been trusted by many national and international enterprises and organizations. We are now the prestigious Vietnamese-language translation service partner of 10 other translation organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Korea and China as well as the big translation / interpretation partner of many economic, financial, insurance, governmental, non-governmental organizations and so on in Vietnam.


To expand further, we are working with some native translators (who are our freelancers) to set up our representative offices in their countries to quickly and opportunely provide our services to customers. 


We commit


We own

> Only the best staff chosen

> Only the best tools used

> Only the best translation/interpretation provided



> 10 in-house translators

> 100 languages available

> 5,000 freelances of all fields in over the world





> Legal translation

> Technical translation

> Book translation

> Notarized translation



> Simultaneous interpretation

> Consecutive interpretation

> Remote interpretation

> Accompanied interpretation